Pregnancy & Postpartum Breckenridge, CO

Pregnancy and Postpartum

During this exciting time of life it is hard to take a moment for yourself and it is even harder to find answers to some of the most basic questions:

  • What can I lift?
  • Can I exercise and what should I do?
  • Should I be feeling this way right now?
  • How can I best prepare myself for labor and delivery?
  • What more do I need to know about recovering from C-section?

Physical therapy care during pregnancy centers around how to address your everyday aches and pains. Just like with all of our programs we utilize a combination of manual therapy, education and exercise therapy to address strength, coordination, and flexibility. This can also help to prepare your body for the changes ahead as you progress further along.

Postpartum care with a physical therapist trained in pelvic health can help answer all your questions as well as treat the trauma associated with a natural or Cesarean-section birth. We can help guide you through the correct exercise programs for recovery as well as help get you back to the activities you love.

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