Our Practice

Breckenridge Physical Therapy is a locally owned and operated outpatient physical therapy clinic that was started in 2007. Justin Welch joined the practice in February of 2011 and continued to give the high level of care BreckPT patients had come to expect. Justin subsequently purchased BreckPT in April of 2015 and is still the current owner. Although things are rapidly changing in the healthcare environment we are still offering the same attentive one-on-one care you have come to expect.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of safe, compassionate, cost-effective care to our patients by addressing the whole person with the most effective treatments at our disposal. We strive to create a supportive, positive environment that promotes learning to move, feel and live better in order to reach your own personal goals.

Our treatment philosophy consists of different manual therapy approaches to help you feel and move better. We then utilize corrective exercises combined with strength and conditioning to get you back to the things that you love the most with a decreased risk of re-injury.

You should come see us because we stay up-to-date and what we’re doing now is better than what we were doing six months ago. We come to work every day knowing why we choose to provide physical therapy. We are here to help you move and feel better. We are here to help you reach your highest level of wellness whether that is a fitness goal, a good night’s sleep or just a pain-free life. We can help you get there and we can teach you how to stay there. We can do this all without medication. If you believe that these things can help you, then we are the best place for you and we want to work side-by-side with you to help you reach your goals.

We provide free, dedicated parking in an adjacent parking lot for your convenience.

We also provide 3 private treatment rooms to protect your privacy and give you our full attention during manual treatments.

Our clinic contains an open gym space to accommodate all of your exercise needs.

We offer interest-free payment plans for those on a budget.