Patient Testimonials

  • My foot was stepped on in gym. Tried to solve the pain by over the counter remedies. Nothing worked. I went to the Dr who looked at x-ray and determined I had Achilles tendonitis and Hagland Deformity. PT was authorized and Justin was chosen as my PT. He was hands on all the time and was able to see that my foot problem also was a lower back problem. With “printed” exercises to take home and work on, my condition improved to the point after 9 sessions I can wake up in the mornings and get out of bed without any pain. Stretches and manipulations did the trick! I would recommend Justin and BPT to anybody with a medical problem.

    Suzann M.

  • I had a left total knee replacement on Oct 25, 2017. My PT started on Oct. 30, 2017 and ended on Jan 31, 2018. Gout slowed down my recovery (5 attacks) during PT but did not affect my overall recovery. In the beginning, before the operation I had a trick knee that I could not depend on and it was hurting all the time along with swelling that would not go away. Basically I was laid up at my house. After I completed PT, my knee feels solid. I can walk up and down stairs and cross the street in full confidence that my knee will not give out. I have gotten back into gardening and walking. Thanks to Justin, Connie, “T” and the staff at BPT I am well on my way back to a full recovery. A special thanks to Connie for helping me out with all my paperwork for insurance. Also a special thanks goes out to Justin for explaining all my exercises in a way that I could understand and perform them correctly.

    Robert H.

  • The BPT physical therapists are very knowledgeable and experience. I had a complete right hip replacement Feb 21,2017 and was released for normal activity May 19, 2017. In the three-month period the BPT therapists utilized a succession of exercises to take me from walking with crutches and unable to turn over in bed to biking 30 miles and hiking in winter conditions. Fantastic!

    Alan G.

  • When I first came here after surgery it was really hard for me to bend my knee. I have come a long way with everyone here. They all helped me very much. I think as long as I stay doing my exercises my knee will be 100% by softball season next year. I want to thank Ellie, Justin and Joe for taking care of me. I couldn’t have done it without you.

    Angie S.

  • Ellie and Tricia have helped me through a knee replacement. They both helped me physically, mentally and emotionally. I am doing great today. Also it’s always a pleasure to see Connie’s smiling face.

    Judith S.

  • Before starting PT I was still walking with crutches. 3 months later BPT allowed me to be back on my skis! Without their help there is no way that would have happened. Thanks BPT for getting me back to normal and on the slopes!

    Kendal D.

  • When I first came in, I couldn’t really do anything. BreckPT is the BEST!! I am back up to functioning at a normal level even after a little hiccup I had that set me back a bit. Thank you Ellie for everything you’ve done for me! I wish I could keep coming here instead of having to find a place in Denver to go.

    Nadav K.

  • I started off with high pain at one specific part of my back (lower left side) from snow shoveling. Sleeping was very difficult and I would wake up very stiff and in agony. Walking and hiking was very tough. Running or jogging was impossible. During the 5-6 week PT with Justin I was able to reduce the pain amount almost entirely and could resume all normal activities. If I didn’t know I had a recent injury (pulled muscle) I wouldn’t have noticed the very slight pain.

    Paul F.